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Global Avenue Inc. was established by a group of individuals who wanted to make a difference in the industries. It was created by a professional team, to focus on a personalized approach with a selected group of clients.


Our culture is one that reflects our core value of passion, respect and self-motivation. Taking ownership, making important decisions and creating solutions have empowered our staff to be proud of promoting our services to clients, candidates and the marketplace. Our aim is to work hard and build the business by helping our clients and candidates.


Our vision demonstrates our internal thoughts of our belief in ourselves, our service and in each other.

A successful team must come first before assisting people with the next career move, employment decisions or change of lifestyle. Our interaction with both candidates and clients are ethical, honest and above all consistent, so each time you meet a Global Recruitment Consultant the service you receive is of highest standard.  


Commitment to excellence

In the new environment, recognition of the core competencies associated, with high performance is vital. That is why before beginning any project we establish a sound requirement of all the requirements. We prefer to meet with the key players for the hiring process and review the position description as well as your company’s values, vision and culture. Our mission is to find top professionals to fill job openings in a fast, cost-effective and professional manner.


Choosing a structured approach

Our search process delivers Candidates who match the Client’s corporate values and cultural strategy. Information gathering, work profiling, candidate searching, qualifying, interviewing and hiring are all approached in a disciplined and systematic way.


Professionalism and expertise


 ·   We provide complete confidentiality of received information.


·   We do not hunt candidates from clients.


·   We do not act in any way which could damage our client’s or candidate’s reputation.


·   We do not allow our candidate’s to be discriminated by age, sex, nation, religion or sexual orientation.


·   We are always unbiased and give our candidates impartial assessment.


·   We do not apply any specific assessment methods towards our candidates without their permission.



OUR PROCEDURE (for Candidates) is as follows……….

1.    We always work with the strictest confidentiality in order to protect our candidate’s identity throughout our collaboration.


2.    We offer our candidates an in depth interview with one of our consultants in order to identify their objectives and their professional ambitions.


3.    To define together the type of working environment best suited to the candidate, in relation to their skills and cultural affinities.


4.    To contact the targeted companies on behalf of the candidate and to organize interviews.


5.    To provide support during the integration period with the new company.





OUR PROCEDURE (for Companies) is as follows……….


 1.    An understanding of the Human Resource division of the company:

 Identifying the characteristics of the company and defining, in consultation with company, their personal requirements.

2.    Definition of the post:

 Analysis of all data pertinent to the company needs and submitting a draught of the job description and determine the skills and personality criteria of the ideal candidate.



3.    Search Procedure:

 Identifying, interviewing, and qualifying new candidates. Each step of the research system is systematic and unique to each candidate. We establish a complete interview and a series of psychological tests at the request of our clients.


4.    Presentation of our candidates:

 Defining and presenting a short-list of candidates who satisfy company criteria. We submit to our clients a confidential analysis of the candidate. Providing support and assistance to the company, if requested such as checking references.

5.    Our check-ups:

 Scheduled post hire follow-up throughout the selection process, the emphasis is made on ensuring the best possible match with the organization’s values, culture and strategy. We proceed with the control of all candidate references and if necessary help the client to establish the working contract.

6.    Integration:

 Our job is only complete when the candidate is fully integrated within the organization. If appropriate, we will provide further support during this period of integration, in order to maximize the candidates’ potential for a long-term and successful working environment.


Our industry works closely with jobseekers from all professions and industries, entry level to corporate executive, nationally and internationally. Our broad based clientele includes CEO’s, CFO’s, Entrepreneurs, Senior Level Executives, General Management, Finance Administration, Insurance Specialties, Administration, Sales & Marketing, Education, Engineering, Environmental Services, Human Resources, Office Support, Health Care and Social Services, Financial Services, Accounting, Hospitality and Service Occupations, Technical Professions, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Security, Logistics, Communications, Retail Management, Purchasing, Plant Management, Consulting, Arts and Humanities, Transportation and Industrial, Career Transitions, College Graduates and Students.



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HR Outsourcing/Off-shoring


Our Outsourcing/Offshoring and Strategic Resource Management practice focuses on the organizational, communications, behavioral/cultural, HR, and project delivery aspects of implementing an otherwise well-researched outsourcing strategy.  We provide much more than a how-to guide and roadmap: we actively guide your journey from assessment and strategy phases, through sourcing, to the governance and management once the supplier decision has been made.  You may use as little or as much of our hands-on services as you require.  We will guide your journey in how to gain more than just intellectual support for a successful outsourcing experience.


Our senior Offshore Outsourcing consultants are experienced in cross-cultural HR and organizational change management details initiatives involving USA, India and Pakistan and other popular offshoring destinations. 


Global Avenue Inc. helps organizations create new opportunities for improvement by reducing the costs of managing all kinds of projects through our offshore centers. Our network of family companies and partners offer a wide range of solutions that can help transform our clients business and technology operations to world-class excellence.


Global Avenue Inc. with its presence in the Canada and India provides a wide range of high quality and cost effective services in IT consulting, end-to-end implementation and integration, software development, software testing, system maintenance and training. Our development team, with expertise spanning across various IT domains, is always striving to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

We recognize that in order to be among the best in today’s competitive business arena, companies need to have the ability to concentrate on their core business functions. Therefore, Global Avenue is dedicated to providing just the right outsourcing solution to our clients, so that our clients can gain timely access to highly qualified talent at minimal cost.

Our mission is to provide total satisfaction to our clients through our commitment to quality and business excellence, and to ensure that at all times our consultants understand client perspectives, conform to operational parameters, maintain time and cost commitments, deliver creative and practical solutions, and enhance the productivity and bottom line of our clients. We deliver business value – beyond mere offshore advantages, lowered costs and faster turnaround times.


To survive in this competitive market and focus on core competencies and clients, it is paramount that IT outsourcing be an integral part of your business strategy for growth. Whether you become our client or partner, it may open new horizons to your business and bring new possibilities that you never thought of before.

Outsourcing brings strategic value to companies through:

·   Reducing costs – transforming fixed costs to variable costs providing operational flexibility

·   Access to expertise – of outsourcing partners many of whom offer domain competencies

·   Focus on core business – a firm’s executives are freed to focus on building and strengthening their company’s core business

·   Increased operational flexibility -allowing organizations to better adapt to market changes and customer demands

·   Improved service quality

·   Ability to scale – rapidly to match a company’s growth

The strategic value to a company lies in its ability to have world class service, operate through best practices without having to make significant investments and manage processes internally or increasing headcount and fixed costs.

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